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Erin is an expert in happiness. She followed her own unique path to happy and now she helps individuals become the happiest person they know and transforms businesses in a way where only smiles follow.

Erin understands that meeting planners can’t afford to risk their audience’s time with just any speaker. You need someone who knows how to tailor data, insights, and action steps to your audience, and make it amazing Every. Single. Time. Amazing is what Erin does.

“Become the happiest person you know” -Erin

Powerful Strategies To Increase Happiness In Life And Business​



  • The Secret To Never Feeling Stuck
  • The Courage To See The Positive
  • It’s Not About You
  • Seeing Past The Written Requirements



  • The Happy Path Isn’t Always Happy
  • The Courage To Do What You Love
  • Follow Your Path To Happy
  • What No One Ever Told You About Happiness

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