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Elevate Your Business & Leadership: Comprehensive Optimization & Executive Coaching

Whether you’re navigating the challenges of a growing enterprise or sharpening your executive prowess, I’m here for you. I’m Erin, your Optimization Advisor and Executive Coach. With two decades of unmatched expertise, I empower businesses to soar and leaders to thrive.

Why Work with Erin?

  1. Unmatched Expertise: Working with CEO’s and Executives from financial institutions to private jets and health and wellness, I’ve sculpted success stories across industries. My mastery spans not just business optimization but also executive leadership dynamics.
  2. Holistic Approach: My approach addresses your business from organizational culture to customer touchpoints. For leaders, I forge a path for you to harness your strengths, address challenges, and redefine success.
  3. Data-Driven Insights: My methodologies are backed by data, ensuring every decision is strategic and results-oriented. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a clear path to success.

The Erin Advantage:

  1. Enduring Expansion: Sustainable business growth and leadership evolution are pillars of my guidance.
  2. Peak Efficiency: Benefit from processes that amplify productivity and leadership methods that inspire.
  3. Customer & Leader Centric: Enhanced customer journeys for business success, and refined leadership techniques for personal and professional evolution.
  4. Team Synergy: From elevating workplace motivation to coaching leaders on team dynamics, the focus is always on harmonized productivity.
  5. Competitive Edge: With strategies tailored for today’s evolving landscape, stay consistently ahead, both as a business and a leader.

Embark on your Business & Leadership Journey:

From transformational business strategies to executive empowerment sessions, dive into a journey of growth, clarity, and triumph. See below for a full list of offerings.

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My Services

Transform Your Business with Expert Advisory

Welcome to a world of leadership, business transformation and optimization! As your Coach and Consultant, I offer a range of services designed to catapult you and your company towards sustainable growth and increased time freedom.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Growth

Executive Empowerment Session

For women leaders in Fortune 50 boardrooms or entrepreneurship, step into a transformative space designed for you. Dive deep with a 90-minute intensive tailored for the unique challenges you face, empowering you to lead with passion and clarity. This includes post-session strategies, actionable steps, and a week of dedicated email guidance.

Executive Transformation Package

Embark on a month-long transformative journey tailor-made for women leaders. This package is meticulously crafted to address your multifaceted journey, empowering you with four 60-minute sessions, strategic roadmaps, and two weeks of email support post-program.

Transformational Business Consulting

Optimize and Streamline your business for increased profitability

Get ready to harness the power of my strategic guidance and personalized insights through my Transformational Business Consulting service. Through a comprehensive end-to-end review of your organization, including people, processes, and products, I uncover hidden opportunities for increased profitability and growth. Together, we’ll craft customized strategies to propel your business towards sustainable success. Whether you’re aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, optimize employee engagement, or streamline your operations, my actionable recommendations will position your business for long-term triumph.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Transfer of Ownership

Pre-Acquisition/Merger: Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Make Informed Acquisition Decisions Beyond Financials!

Planning to acquire or merge with a new company? With my Comprehensive Risk Assessment, I offer a holistic evaluation of the target business. Outside of the P&L and financials, I conduct in-depth audits of people/culture, processes, and products. Engaging with employees at all levels, I gather valuable insights to assess the potential risks associated with the acquisition. I provide you with a detailed report highlighting my observations and strategic recommendations that go beyond the numbers, empowering you to make informed decisions during the acquisition process. From uncovering cultural alignment challenges to identifying operational inefficiencies, my assessment helps you evaluate the true value and potential of the target company.

Post-Acquisition Transformation and Optimization: 

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Newly Acquired Business!

Congratulations on your new acquisition! With my Post-Acquisition Transformation and Optimization service, I guide you through the critical phase of transforming and optimizing your newly acquired company. Together, we develop tailored strategies for short-term and long-term success. I conduct comprehensive audits of people/culture, processes, and products, evaluating every touchpoint of your customer’s journey. By analyzing your organizational culture, streamlining processes, and enhancing the customer experience, I identify opportunities to drive employee engagement, boost productivity, and optimize customer satisfaction. With my actionable recommendations, you’ll be equipped to navigate the post-acquisition landscape, unlock the full potential of your business, and position it for long-term growth and profitability.

Executive Succession Advisor: 

Guiding Seamless Leadership Transitions for Continued Success!

As a business owner, planning for a seamless leadership transition is crucial to ensure the continued success and growth of your company. With my Executive Succession Advisor service, I provide expert guidance and support to facilitate a smooth handover of executive responsibilities to the new leader. I work closely with your chosen successor, providing mentorship and guidance to prepare them for their new role. From leadership skills development to understanding the company’s values and vision, I equip your successor to lead with confidence and competence.  Together, we’ll navigate the transition process with care and precision, ensuring that your organization remains on a path of continued success under its new leadership. Let’s pave the way for a bright future and lasting legacy for your organization.  

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