I’m one of the happiest people I know (hold up, before you start to form an opinion give me a chance to explain, because getting to this point wasn’t easy).

Everything I invest my energy in holds meaning and is on purpose. (Yes, I will share all my secrets with you. I want to give you hope because I know what it’s like to feel stuck and just going through the motions).

As a business and strategy consultant, author, and motivational speaker, I get to help others become the happiest person they know as well. 

My life is committed to unpacking the path to happiness and its attainability for anyone who wants it.

I followed my path to happy.

Have you ever wondered how the roadblocks in our lives can lead to a new, more fulfilling path?

That’s because taking the cookie cutter happy path, the safe path, the popular path, doesn’t always lead to happiness.  You must follow your own unique path to find your happy.

Throughout the course of my life, I chose again and again to step off the path that was popular, off the path that society told me to take. Each time I listened to my inner voice, an entirely new world of fulfillment followed.  

At age 17, when I made the decision to work and not go to college despite offers of academic and performing arts scholarships, I chose my unique path to happiness. The concern from my peers all attending 4 year universities and my parents (Dad had a doctorate and Mom had 2 master’s) were genuine. This wasn’t an easy path due to external pressures which stated you were not intelligent or qualified if you did not have a degree, but I persevered.

When trauma almost burned my marriage to the ground, I found a strength and love for myself I had never known. Our marriage rose from the ashes with a level of authenticity, passion and joy that we’d only dreamed of. I chose my path to happy.

When I cut our income in half after having my first child, to spend the time I wanted with her- I chose my path to happy. We had just bought a new home and money was so tight I became a master of shopping on a dime. If you want to see how serious I was about living on a shoestring budget check out my blog from that time lol! https://erinsmealdeals.blogspot.com/  This is where I learned to find great joy in the little things- true freedom.

When I turned down a good job, when we needed the money because I knew I was meant for more and would get a great job, people thought I was crazy…until I shot sky high in a fortune 50 company that exceeded all of my expectations. I followed my path to happy.

When I looked in the mirror and said…

“I love you, you’re smart, you’re beautiful”

…and meant it for the first time after a 30-year struggle with body image issues, I chose my path to happy.

When time stopped as the doctor told us they were going to do a risky emergency procedure on my 6 ½ week old daughter and I said no. I chose my path to happy. Instead of just listening to the first set of doctors, I decided to get a second opinion and transfer hospitals.  This scary moment when my infant almost died created a beautiful ripple effect in our lives.  The people who stepped in to help with everything, the support from friends and acquaintances, and the enlightenment needed for my husband to leave his miserable job to be a stay-at-home dad for the next 4 years were a blessing.

When the glass ceiling of my career path hovered closely above my head and instead of believing that was the limit, I crashed through and have never looked back.  

It takes courage to follow your personal path to happiness.

It’s an inside job and no matter how stagnant, off course or exhausted you feel…you can become the happiest person you know.

Let me help:)

-Erin May

-Erin May

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