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Did you hear that?  Sometimes the voice is loud and sometimes it’s faint, but it is always there within you, guiding you, you just have to listen.  And once you listen, a journey of endless possibilities begins to unfold. 

The first addition to the Just… picture book series created by American writer Erin May-Latawiec and illustrated by Leilani Hughes, Just Listen inspires kids of all ages and parents a like to discover their greatness within.

Motivational Speaker

Known for her incredible energy and ability to strategically unpack the path to happiness through her transformational methods…Erin May is the real deal. She helps individuals become the happiest person they know and transforms businesses in a way where only smiles follow.

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With over 18 years of experience in business strategy, leadership, training, project management, market insights, journey mapping, customer service, Lean Methodologies, coaching, digital strategy, and user experience and design, Erin can get the job done. She uses her superpower to transform companies and the individuals who lead them so that success and happiness are the only results. 

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